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Asphalt Coatings specialize in hard surface coatings specifically designed for open space areas, residential and commercial properties.

For the past 10 years we have been working with residential customers and Insurance companies providing repair and resurfacing solutions for tired and damaged driveways.

Not only do we ensure a smart looking finish but our products by their nature extend the life expectancy of the base construction through locking out the elements reducing the aging effect and deterioration caused from continuous (UV) rays and moisture breaking down the unsealed exposed aggregate.

Understanding the type of use your outdoor area will endure over it’s life time is key to selecting the correct application.

If you are looking to repair or upgrade your current driveway, car park, or open space area our process offers an affordable non-intrusive option.


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Damage to driveways to include fluid spills, paint spills and vandalism is often covered by your Insurer.

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Our Services

Choose from one of our 3 servicing options

Standard Coating

(SRS) Sealcoating – Residential and foot traffic areas

Sealcoating is a micro-surfacing sealant process designed to extend the life of existing bituminous surfaces. By combining the sealcoat’s high adhesive characteristics with polymer modifiers and varied quantities of solids to suit the condition of individual pavements, Sealcoating will seal and protect your asphalt pavement.

Asphalt and spray seal surfaces are under constant attack! Sun, rain and hail all take their toll. If the pavement isn’t protected it will deteriorate, weaken and begin to shed particles as the binder becomes brittle and fails. The loss of larger stones, cracking, water penetration and accelerated failure with time. Without timely intervention with Sealcoating, the cost of repairing pavement increases substantially.

Premium Coating

(FRM) Sealcoating – Heavy traffic and parking lots areas

Motor Vehicle Oil/lube resistant. Unique reactive chemicals attack natural metal oxides present in the exposed aggregate surface. The chemical resistance, rate of cure, final surface hardness and skid characteristics can be modified to meet local specifications. The application may cure in less than twenty (20) minutes, in optimal conditions, to a track free surface and is near zero VOC; and odourless. Designed to endure high temperatures, tire scuff resistant to power steering abuse and the ability to repel oil and lubricants are.


Colortex – Foot traffic only

An acrylic based textured Paving coat designed to add color to your surroundings while at the same time protecting your investment by reducing the aging process breaking down exposed aggregate.

Colortex comes in a range of environmentally friendly colours and can be professionally installed within hours. Ideal for pathways, passive areas, playgrounds and open space areas.



Brickyard Red

Forest Green

Sahara Beige

Terra Cotta

Slate Gray



Burnt Sienna




Dove Gray

The End Result

Surfaces we’ve sealed for various clients


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